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disneyintern; day five. [the end]

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Apr. 18th, 2008 | 09:42 am
mood: gratefulgrateful

good morning and welcome to day five of my work exp. last day... *aww*
i'll save all the soppy nostalgic stuff till the end.

but i didn't complete my post yesterday so i'm about to go back and do that now.

i sent in my sniffer dog info in dot points, and she didn't ask me to do anything else so that's done. woo.
oh and one of the pages i designed [well not really, all i did was copy + paste the text into speech bubbles and add respective picture since the street talk page has the same layout every month] got put into THE BOOK! and it wasn't changed or anything. yay. my work :)

i think i'm going to buy flowers/ a thank you card at lunch. i know it looks suck up-ish but you know it's only polite and it was a pretty good experience. pretty much how i imagined it anyway. luckily i found some uber cheap bunch of flowers at coles [$1 to be precise] so that's not costing me a lot of money]
and i'll be meeting megan for luncheon again.

i was gonna wear a white shirt + high waisted black skirt but i thought it was too formal.

i find it funny how they ask kids to send in stuff but then they never use it. I guess it means they don't have to send out prizes. now i have to make up embarassing moments for the page that DA has. and my imagination is lacking at the moment.
i looked through a couple of moments that the kids sent in for inspiration and they're all about busting to go to the toilet etc. and they make it really detailed... like brown sticky stuff in my pants. and i'm all eww. please stop now. do not want.
i'm trying to think of embarassing moments in my lifetime and use them for the page.

woo i finished it. wasn't as hard as i thought. a coupel of them were mine but i had to change the context [very ext. english] and discourse. lol.
i did;
a) the one where i was at blockbuster and i went to show my dad the dvd i wanted to borrow but i realised it wasn't my dad.
b) i am the second man// rofl sam. except i made it on a bus because 11 year olds don't have study periods.
c) the one where i scored a basket for the other team.
and then the others were like tripping over and running into things.

lunch time now. what should i eat? last day in the city. i like the city now. not as scary i thought it was. but melbourne still kicks butt.

i'm back. went to market city and had lunch. i had my favourite asian food. it's like crispy dry noodles with gravy and vegies/ sea food etc. it was massive. the noodles came out in a square. i couldn't finish it. and megsie came. we chatted yet again [hah part of my work experience this week was hanging with megs] and i gave her flowers + her DG issue. and i went to say hi to her family who were having yum cha.

i just had my meeting with bonnie [features writer] haha it was more of an interview and it was in the meeting room. that room is so cool it's got two massive blown up covers of DA/ DG on the wall. i justed asked her stuff about how she got into the job and perks and what to study in uni and how hard she had to work etc. and i gave her flowers. i thought i should cause she's just been giving me all the work to do this week to keep me busy. lol i hugged her. kinda just outstretched my arms. awkwarddd *joe jonas style* and she'll be writing me a reference.

so now i'm starting on the september calendar. since once again i am task-less. september = NICK JONAS. but like i said. boys don't want to know teen heartthrob birthdays. pity that.

YAH TRICK by soulja boy is on tv now :) woo jas. get outta my face ho.


a picture of all my freebies from work :)
mostly hsm stationary and a couple of hannah.
can't wait for school to show them off.
hsm overloaddd.

i'll finish this post later.

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(no subject)

from: eat_sleep_jonas
date: Apr. 18th, 2008 11:09 pm (UTC)

Yay, I see Nicholas on your wall :)

All that HSM stuff is so sweet!

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(no subject)

from: indierocknroll7
date: Apr. 30th, 2008 10:37 am (UTC)

Heyheyhey. I know this was posted over a week ago, sorry I haven't been commenting on your entries :[
but you're adorable! Love your outfit :D

I lol'd at all the hsm/hannah stationary and know that unfortunately Disney is probably going to market the hell out of Camp Rock as well :/

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